About Us

My story begins in Miami, FL. I remember my older brother with his high school friends tearing down computers and it just did something for my intriguing mind. My brother doesn’t know this, but I would take them apart as well and then put them back together (might have torn a cable here and there… lol). Since then I have always liked computers and working with electronics. It wasn’t until 2007, when I started working for Sprint, that I became more involved in the Wireless Industry. I started as a sales rep and managed to move on to become the Store manager in the Paddock Mall in Ocala. Then, I had the opportunity to manage the Service and Repair location on 17th St. It was just what my love for electronics needed, from broken Nextel flips, Palm Treo’s trouble shooting, and windows phones training. It was more then I could have imagined or wanted, but I knew I wanted to do more.

My next move got me closer; I left Sprint to work for a good friend that had just opened a Verizon Authorized Store. There, I met some of the most generous and amazing people that still mean so much to me. While managing one of the locations, I pitched the idea to add a repair department to increase foot traffic and store revenue. We started and the feedback was great, so we expanded the idea to another location.

Then, the battle within me started. I always wanted to own my own business. I had come short before and it was because God had his own plan for me. After several months I made the decision to go on my own and open a Repair Store. I will never forget the conversation when I broke the news to my friend (company owner). I’m blessed to say he knew where I was coming from since he had to make that same decision at one point.

In 2012, my store opened in Belleview, FL at Northside Plaza. There have been a few months that the store has been closed, but this store has always remained at this plaza. I wanted to have my own business to fulfill my dreams as well as to be able to provide for my family and help my parents when they decide to retire. I would not be the man that I am today without my parents. They showed me how to treat and respect others. I take that with me with every customer that comes through the door.

I thank you for taking your time to read about a glimpse of my story.
God Bless,
Luis Morales

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple. We want to be your Local option for your current and future services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fair prices, stand behind every repair and provide the highest customer service in the industry.

Our Goals

Our everyday goal is to provide quality services at a timely manner. We strive to be best Local available option.